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7 years ago

I am seeing a Status 87 (ST87) error. What is this error? How can it be corrected?

Some applications have pop-ups where activity needs to be recorded in the pop-up as part of the transaction. Although DejaClick allows the recording of a click to close a window, this activity cannot be replayed in production, and it results in the ST87 error.


One would see an error message like this:


Last Status: 87 -               

HTTP Status: HTTP/1.1 200 OK   

Error Message: The base page was closed. Replay stopped.


If you see this error, the best solution would be to re-record the portion of the transaction in the pop-up and ''log-out'' of the pop-up window to properly close out of the window. (Basically try appending a log-out over the original window-close click.)


If this cannot be done, then one could use a branch technique to skip over the close-window-click.


Here is the relevant section of help that describes Branching in FireFox:


In the following video, there is a ‘’tab close’’ click on Action 2 Event 2. The video shows how to create a branch to ''skip over" Action 2 to go to Action 3. This branch makes the transaction ‘’jump over’’ the event and continue the transaction without ST87.


Adding A Branch to Skip a TAB CLOSE event to prevent ST87


Fortunately, the ST87 is very rare. If you see one and the above techniques do not seem to work, please open a case with Customer Care:


This post was due to a recent Customer Care case. A Knowledge Base article was created:


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