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2 years ago

I am not able to Render my HTML report on Mail - Cucumber JVM file

I am trying to send Cucumber JVM file through mail. The result is generated very well in Prestige Park Grove , But when I try to extract the file it was showing Error. What should I do now? 

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  • To extract a Cucumber JVM file:

    • Open the File: Find the file where Cucumber scenarios are written. It usually ends with ".feature".
    • Copy the Scenario: Inside that file, find the scenario you want. Copy the lines that describe what the software should do.
    • Create a New File: Open a new blank file using a text editor.
    • Paste and Save: Paste what you copied into the new file. Save it with the same ".feature" extension.

    That's it! Now you've extracted a Cucumber scenario into its own file.


    I have tried to do this on all of my sites Adarsh Parkland, Adarsh Welkin Park, Provident Ecopolitan, Doors and Shelters Realty & Sobha Neopolis  and works very well. Here are the links and you may check for any further clarification.