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7 years ago

How Do I Create a Monitor using 1.0 AlertSite to Test My Firewall for the New InSite Private Node?

We have been migrating our customers to a new endpoint for InSite/Private Node. Most customers have been migrated. We are approaching the final stages of this migration.


We recommend that you test your firewall by creating a URL Monitor to run in your InSite/Private Node.

Please create a monitor to test that you can reach

Customers using 1.0 AlertSite can see how to create this monitor by viewing this video:

1.0 AlertSite - Create Monitor for New Endpoint

As a reminder this firewall rule should use the URL name and not the current IP of as it will change. The new endpoint is a dynamic IP endpoint.

Also, please keep your existing firewall rule for the current endpoint:

TCP Port 443 Outbound to “” ( The current endpoint is a static IP endpoint.

This same information can be found in the Knowledge Base:

Please Note: You can also test the connectivity from your InSite Control Panel under Diagnostics > Diagnostic Tests

Using this URL will be more precise for the AlertSite Web Test:

You can also run a trace route to: 443

Please view this video to see how this is done:

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