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7 years ago

Disable Snapshots in VMware for InSite deployment

Snapshots is not supported with AlertSite Virtual Machine images and must be disabled for use with InSites. With snapshots enabled, the InSite can become unstable and frequently reboot without interaction. VMware Workstation speed and response times are improved when snapshots are disabled as well. Follow the steps below to disable Snapshots in VMware if it is installed and enabled:


To disable snapshots, go to VM > Settings > Options > Snapshots


If no snapshots exist for the selected virtual machine, you can disable snapshot functionality by selecting Disable snapshots. If one or more snapshots exist for the selected virtual machine, the Disable snapshots option is disabled. If you want to disable snapshot functionality, you must first delete all snapshots for the current virtual machine.


Deleting a Snapshot

1. Choose VM > Snapshot > Snapshot Manager.

2. Select the snapshot to delete.

3. Click Delete. A confirmation dialog box appears.

4. Click OK.

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