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DejaClick Replay Adviser and Auto Changes - ST 81, 82, 83, 84, 85 and 86 errors

  One of the most common reasons a script will trigger errors in the 80's ranges are because of changes made automatically by DejaClick on events within the script. When a script is recorded and played back, DejaClick will try to eliminate issues with replay by making adjustments to the script automatically. Sometimes this occurs because of a browser version, or a network call or content that varies from replay to replay. During playback, the Replay Adviser may attempt to correct script issues and present the user with the a pop-up asking them how to proceed when it is unsure.



  Depending on the current status of the playback, you can either select 'Skip to Next Event' if the page looks to be loaded, or 'Continue Waiting' if content on the page is still loading and the page has not fully rendered. Once adjustments are made, another full replay is required until playback completes without any adjustments being needed. Once the occurs the script can be uploaded to your AlertSite account.


  The adjustments can be seen in the Sidebar for the events where they are made. An orange box highlights any property that was changed automatically by DejaClick or the Replay Adviser. In some cases, these changes actually break the script once it is uploaded, triggering errors on the '80's' range usually. You can drill into Detail Reports to see which event is triggering the errors. Click the "+" signs to expand the actions and events and see which event the error is triggered on.



   Once you know which event the error is triggered on, select it from the Sidebar and look at the properties window below. The most common properties adjusted by DejaClick, which trigger errors in the '80's' range, are changes to the "Content Changes" and "Network Activity" properties. Look for the orange box around these properties and reset the properties back to default.



  Now, replay the script locally and upload it to replace the original. In many cases this alone with clear the errors in the 80's range. If not there are a few other properties that can be adjusted to help.


Location Changes - DejaClick expects messaging from the browser to indicate a location change has occurred, but sometimes the messaging varies. Although the expected change has occurred, DejaClick may not be aware. By unchecking 'Use recorded location change hints" under the Location Changes property, you may be able to avoid unwarranted errors on a given event. This only works if the expected changes have actually occurred however, and the script can proceed normally after the event in question.


Event Timeout - The Replay Adviser may adjust this property and force DejaClick to continue replay even when the current event has not been determined to have completed by DejaClick. In some cases, this is warranted as the page has fully rendered, and the script can proceed, although it has not received the messaging it expects in order to do so on its own. Hard setting the maximum time to wait will help in this case. It may also cause issues, however, if DejaClick tries to proceed before the page has fully rendered. If that's the case, reset the property or set a higher maximum time to wait value.



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