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8 years ago

DejaClick Recording using Keystrokes on Input Events

   A common problem with certain applications and DejaClick is the inability of the site to recognize text entries pasted into Input fields on the page by DejaClick on playback. The page may require you to type the entry letter by letter. This is common on pages that use a dropdown selection from the Input Element. This can be addressed by sing 'Keystrokes' on the Input Event.


   After recording or downloading the script, look for the Input Events in the sidebar. They are recognized by the Input preface in the event description.


   After highlighting the event in the Sidebar, look for the Event Input property in the Properties tab below. You can see the text being entered by the script in the Text Input field. Click the checkbox for "Replay using keystrokes" and click Apply.


   When you replay the script locally, you will notice that the text input is now entered letter by letter on the event, instead of all at once. This should allow the script to replay in a more recognizable way against the page.


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