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7 years ago

DejaClick Is Supported on the latest version of Firefox (currently 55.0.2)

DejaClick is supported on FireFox 55.0.2.


One can find the DejaClick Plugin For FireFox at:


Starting with FireFox 57, DejaClick will no longer work with this version and future FireFox versions.

It is possible to retrieve an earlier version of FireFox at:


To find the releases, watch this video:


FireFox 38 - Where To Find It

Since our monitoring locations run FireFox 38, we recommend a Custom installation of FF38. One can then add the DejaClick Plugin to it.


Also, please note, AlertSite has augmented/upgraded all of our monitoring locations to also run Chrome. (We are running Chrome version 47.)


This information is also found in the Knowledge base:



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