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4 years ago

DejaClick 2.7.1

DejaClick 2.7.1 hit the Chrome and Firefox extension stores this week. It includes some bug fixes and two new features.


Browser Version Switching

You can now select specific browser versions when uploading monitors or executing a Test on Demand. This aligns DejaClick with the platform version switching that was released last week.


Manually Insert Step Breaks

You can now split a step into multiple steps to better capture the behavior of functions that are not seen as steps in traditional DejaClick recordings. Elevating a group of events to step level will allow you take advantage of step level alerting and reporting for that function. It will also be useful in conjunction with our upcoming Step Level SLA functionality (SPOILER ALERT!).

Inserting step breaks is as simple as choosing "Insert Step Break" from the gear icon on the relevant event row in the DejaClick recorder.

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