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5 years ago

DejaClick 2.5 for Chrome!

We're excited to let you know that big DejaClick update just dropped!

Version 2.5 of the Chrome extension, along with corresponding public node updates, features some significant record and playback improvements including:

Improved keyword recognition

  • We've improved keyword functionality to work more reliably across a wider range of page rendering approaches

File Upload and Download

  • DejaClick now fully supports file upload and download on record and playback
  • This functionality works locally and on monitor playback from our public locations (private node compatibility will come in version 3.1 of PrivateNode Server)

New keystroke Event

  • DejaClick now records keystrokes on a wide range of previously unsupported, non-event page elements

New Mousedown/Mouseup Compatibility 

  • This new functionality makes DejaClick aware of more 'click' events and will improve out of the box functionality with more websites.

Improved AutoComplete Functionality

  • In conjunction with the above mentioned mousedown/mouseup and keystroke events, additional improvements to autocomplete functionality have been implemented.

Other Important Stuff

  • Users with version will automatically be updated to 2.5.
  • The legacy versions of DejaClick (version 1.4.7 and below) will NOT be updated.  We strongly recommend adding the 2.5 version to Chrome via the link below.
  • Please note that PrivateNode Server 3.1 is required to achieve full compatibility with these 2.5 features. 3.1 will be available in February 2020.


You can get the extension HERE!

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