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7 years ago

AlertSite Deployment Release Notes

AlertSite Platform Deployment Notice

New functionality has been added to the AlertSite Platform


New Alert Recipient Type - JSON HTTP Post

Alerts can now be sent as an HTTP Post in JSON format. This format will be compatible many popular tools, such as Slack, ServiceNow, and VictorOps.

More information on this functionality can be found here:


Associate Alert Recipient Groups Directly from Monitor Configuration Screen

Recipient groups can be associated or removed from a monitor from the alert tab in monitor configuration.


Alert On/Off UXM Dashboard Indicator

We've added an indicator in the UXM list and tile dashboard that shows if alerts are enabled for a given monitor. Monitors with alerting enabled will display a bell icon in the monitor tile or row.


Additional Configuration Summary Information Added to the UXM Monitor Summary Screen

We've added the following configuration indicators to the monitor summary screen:

  • Monitor Enabled
  • Alerting Enabled
  • SLAs Enabled


Various bug were also fixed.

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