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5 years ago

AlertSite Deployment Notice





Last night we deployed some changes to the UXM console, highlights include:


Overview Page

  • A new default page for the Monitors tab, called Overview.  
  • This screen was previously tied to the dashboard and called Compare.   It contains Summary-Charting-Runs-Alert Log-Benchmarks-Config Summary.
  • Features an integrated sidebar to control monitor selection.

New Metrics

  • These new metrics are available in the new Summary and Charting interfaces.
  • Payload has been added for most monitor types.
  • SSL Connect (Chrome 74 only)
  • DOM Interactive (Chrome 74 only)
  • DOM Content Loaded (Chrome 74 only)
  • DOM Complete (Chrome 74 only)
  • Note:  Chrome 74 is presently running on our public monitoring locations and will come to Private Nodes with version 2.1.6.

Monitor Configuration Consolidation

  • Single and bulk monitor configuration are more closely aligned with the Configuration Summary screen on Overview.
  • Single monitor configuration is easily access from the monitor sidebar list.
  • Sidebar monitor selections are used consistently for data visualization and configuration. 
  • Navigation to and from configuration has been improved.


  • The Test on Demand control has been moved to the top toolbar so it can be accessed from any screen in the UI.
  • Some performance improvements were added.
  • Various bug fixes.
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