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7 years ago

AlertSite Deployment Notice




New functionality has been added to AlertSite UXM over the past few weeks, here are some highlights!


OpenAPI / Swagger Monitor Creation


  • We’ve added the ability to expand the UXM dashboard to better focus on monitoring results
  • This new expanded mode removes all headers and navigation elements and displays only dashboard tiles or rows
  • It is controlled by an expand/collapse button on the top right of the dashboard control bar

UXM Theme Control Change

  • The UXM theme toggle control has been moved from the dashboard control bar to the top level header
  • This change makes it available from any screen in UXM

UXM Test on Demand

  • We’ve added additional functional for URL Test On Demand to match the 1.0 console
  • Included in this update is the ability to run ping and trace route against a URL

Capture Compare

  • We added timestamps to both the successful and failed in the recently added capture compare function

Benchmarks in UXM

  • Customers with Benchmark access can now view benchmark monitor results alongside their own monitors via a new UXM benchmark visualization tool.
  • The Benchmark viewer can be accessed via Compare Monitors

Various bugs were also fixed.

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