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7 years ago

AlertSite Deployment Notice



Here are the release notes from our most recent deployment.


AlertSite Platform Deployment Notice


New AlertSite UXM Settings Screen

  • Several existing account and user admin screens can now be found on a consolidated Settings page located under the user admin control on the right of the main toolbar.

  • Additionally, several administrative functions from the 1.0 console have been migrated to UXM and can be found here, including: SSL Certificate management and company logo uploads.

  • There is also a new Sharing Permissions screen that allows administration of all shared dashboard tiles in a a single interface. This is an extension of the recently released dashboard tile sharing functionality. More information about tile sharing can be found here:

Firefox DejaClick Update

  • DejaClick for Firefox has been upgraded to version
  • This version includes improvements to better handle recording of dynamic web sites. It also reduces sensitivity to hover and focus events on playback.

Performance Health Indicator Update

  • We’ve made some formatting improvements to the Performance Health Indicator tooltips.

Various bug were also fixed.

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