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7 years ago

AlertSite Deployment Notice


New functionality has been added to the AlertSite Platform


JSON HTTP POST Alert Recipient Update


The recently deployed JSON POST alert recipient has been updated to support basic username/password authentication.

More information on this functionality can be found here:


New Link to Interactive Charting Interface


We've added a link allowing users to navigate directly from the Monitor Summary screen to interactive charting for the current monitor.


UXM Dashboard Updates


We've added the following dashboard functionality:

  • New Dashboard sort options have been added via a sort control. Users may now sort the dashboard on a variety of attributes including monitor name, aggregate availability, and last run time.
  • The Dashboard tile toolbar has been modified to support two rows of controls. This will accomodate upcoming feature expansion.
  • Additional hover tooltips have been added to provide more insight into the various metrics.
  • The dashboard filter control has been moved to be in alignment with the other dashboard controls.

Various bugs were also fixed.

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