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2 years ago

Alert Site alerts for script error

Hi , I have a monitor for one of the services which runs in loop using excel data source.

It fails in couple of iterations , but I am not getting alerts for those failed iterations.

As the step is failing the mail TC is also failing but tthere are no alerts triggered.I can see in dashboard it has a scripting error.The message in home page is scrpt assertion error.

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    Hey there,

    I've come across similar issues before with some monitoring tools. Here are a few things you might consider:

    Configuration: Double-check your alert configuration settings. Ensure that alerts are set up to be triggered for scripting errors or assertion failures, and not just for monitor downtimes or connection issues.

    Notification Channels: Ensure that your preferred notification method (e.g., email, SMS) is correctly set up and hasn’t been inadvertently disabled or misconfigured.

    Error Thresholds: Some monitoring systems have a threshold for alerting. For instance, they might only alert if an error occurs three times in a row. This can be useful to avoid false positives, but can also result in missing intermittent errors. Check if such a setting exists and how it's configured.

    Log Details: Investigate the logs of the monitoring tool. Sometimes the tool may log more details about why an alert wasn't triggered, which can provide clues.

    Dependencies: Ensure that the error in your script isn't being caused by a dependency. Sometimes, if a step in a script fails, subsequent steps (like sending an alert) might not execute.

    Lastly, consider reaching out to AlertSite's support or community forums. They might have insights specific to their tool that could help.

    Hope you get this sorted out soon. Scripting errors can be pesky, but it's crucial to get alerted when they happen.

    Best regards,
    Asif 🛠🚨