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15 years ago

Windows Waiting calls, remove time spent in there

So' I'm the one to deflorate the AQtime6 thread...

Wondering If I'll ever get an answer!

I'm playing around with aqtime at home to understand the tool better.

(Been a user of aqtime4 a long time)

Here's the thing... I want to performance profile my thread pool class. These pooled threads spend most of their time blocked in WaitForMultipleObjectsEx

This is not very interesting: I just want to know all the other overhead. How can I 'ignore' these routines, or otherwise NOT take in account the time spent in there for the total time of the routine that actually calls the  WaitForMultipleObjectsEx

I've tried Adding trigger on Kernel32.WaitForMultipleObjectsEx to an OFF trigger but no luck. My profiling area is set to my own source code only, and the Execute method of the thread is added to an ON trigger. ). Initial profiling off.

Regards / Hans

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