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13 years ago

vbscript classes

I am using AQTime Standard x64 to perform performance profiling (by routines) on my test complete scripts (using vbscript).  Currently, I have 2 objects that are instances of vbscript classes that I have created.  When I complete a profiling run, there are 2 lines in the report that have the format <Global Scopt of [<some GUID>]>.  I assume that the GUIDs referenced are the instances of my 2 classes.

Is there a way to see which functions are called within each object using AQTime standard.  Currently, I see what appears to be total time for all calls in each object.

If AQTime Standard cannot do this, can AQTime Pro do it?

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  • It turns out that AQTime Pro cannot do it either.  I used line profiling on my project.  The lines in the vbscript classes did not have any timing information assoicated with them, but the routines outside of the class but in the same file did.  Also, the report for the run still referenced the object by GUID.