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11 years ago

Understanding Call Tree


I have run the Allocation Profiler on my application and got a long list of results. I am try to understand what it all means and how to fix the memory leaks

Attached is an example of one such call tree. The final node in the tree indicates a Live Count of 6 from a system class. All nodes above it have a Live Count of 1. if I trace it up to the first call from my application it is at a the point where it creates a TCustomADODataset but I am unsure as to what it is saying the problem is

Can someone please help me to understand what it is telling me?

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    Hi Mark,

    In the Call Tree panel of the Classes Data category, you can see a tree of routine calls that lead to the creation of the selected class' all objects. Thus, you can determine in which routines you need to find potential problematic allocations of the objects. To track down the allocation stacks for each object, you need to examine the Objects category.