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14 years ago

Some questions about profiliing an ASP.NET Application with QTime


I just want to try this program

1- Can I use AQtime to get work for a complex application like 3-tier ASP.NET application?

2- I start a project and select IIS or ASP.NET , add a module from Bin directory (dll file) and write my application URL name (localhost does noe work out, I just write URL)

and start, some info and warnings generated in Event View window.

- I can not get any resutls as in tutorial video from Get Results button (button with camera icon), (it not enabled ,  I can not click it)

3- Video tutorial is for a simple project with 3 dll files. (XMLTrace) 

Many points are not clear to work for a ASP.NET application.

 I want to test web service dll files for an application server, How can I do it ?

4- Another question is,

Do I have to add another virtual directory in IIS Managaer and compile all project in debug mode into that

(actulay this techinue in video tutorial is described they use it is used bcos in order to make things faster and dont recompile every time)

However in my issue The code will not be compiled again. BTW, I make compile debug mode for the web application via its config file

The tested webs server has not a Visual Test Program.

Please, I need some explanations.

My best regards,

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  • Hi Rasim,

    As far as I know, you have contacted our Support Team with questions regarding profiling ASP.NET applications. Please get back to us if something is still unclear to you.