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10 years ago

running performance check on a vs solution that contains many dlls and libs


It is my first time using this tool since I found out such a tool exist.

I am trying to find bottlenecks in my files (it is a very big visual studio solution), I have many dlls which contain my code, and also lib files which I use, but their performance doesnt concern me.

I am working with the AQTime plugin for VS2008. does the plugin has any known problems?

I am not sure if I need all the files thta are compiled( *.dll, *.lib, *.pyd) or only the dlls when starting an AQTime proj?

when I try to run the AQTime, I get " cannot start profiling in normal mode. the host application has not been specified" . It is not clear what info should I write in the RunParameters windows that opens up. what is my host application?

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