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13 years ago

Quitting AQTime without terminating the application

How do i quit AQTime withouth terminating the application i'm profiling ? It's a server type app and it's a big deal to terminate it. I don't want to do that unless i absolutely need to.

I'm using attach to process

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  • Hello Gediminas,

    There is no way to detach AQtime's debugger from the profiled process. The reason is that it modifies the binary code of the profiled process and it is almost impossible to undo the changes.

    I recommend that you consider clearing the collected results rather than stopping the profiling since it is a problem for you. To clear the results, use the Clear Results toolbar button. The feature is described in the Clearing Results During Profiling Help topic.

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    It would be great if AQTime had this feature.  IDEs allow to attach/detach from process; I use this feature in Delphi XE all the time, and there is no reason why AQTime can't also do this. In fact, it's necessary if you try to investigate leaks by setting conditional break points, e.g. I grab a reportedly leaked address from AQTime, go to my class and do things like "if self = $004135A8 then asm int 3 end".

    Can't do it while AQTime is running because my IDE won't attach to a process that's already attached to another debugger/profiler, and the addresses reported by AQTime won't be valid if I restart the program.

    AQTime could "unmodify" the binary code the same way it modified it.  If it can attach, it should be able to detach.