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12 years ago

Profiling a process launched by another process?

I am currently evaluating AQTime Pro for our needs here. In particular, I want to profile an application of ours that uses MPI (on only one process). The problem I have is that this executable cannot be started directly: it needs to be started through an MPI executable called 'mpirun.exe'. So, the command line equivalent would be 'mpirun -np 1 my_app.exe'.

I thought I could add 'my_app.exe' as a module to profile, and change the run parameters so that I could specify mpirun as the 'host' application and add the appropriate parameters.  This actually results in AQTime successfully *launching* the application, but it does not profile it -- I get an empty results set. 

Is it possible to do what I would like to do at all? What would be the correct way?


Charles Boivin