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14 years ago

profile Delphi XE code with AQTime 6.5

Hi all

I'm an happy user of AQTime, but with version 7 I have a bad surprise: new licence model. As many developer I have a desktop and a portable so I won't make an upgrade. Now the question is: can I also profile code generated form Delphi XE compiler with AQTime 6.5.480 or there are some change into *.exe file structure that don't permit this solutions ?


Giuseppe Monteleone

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  • Hi Giuseppe,

    Official support for profiling Delphi XE application was added in AQtime 7.0. However, if your application does not use the new features of the Delphi language, there should not be any problems profiling it with AQtime 6.50.

    As for the new licensing system, I recommend you contacting our Sales department ( or your account manager. Probably, they will be able to find a convenient solution for you.