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14 years ago

Object names in Allocation Profiler are class.number, MAP file vanishes

I am profiling my C++Builder 2007 application for leaks, but in the results tab the object name section gives a meaningless class.number, such as EDBEngine.25185687.  Further the address column shows a raw address, such as 0x06123BD4.

In the images shown in the help, there is a bottom panel that appears to include trace information, but this doesn't show with mine.

Finally, making interpretation of the addresses harder, the MAP file that is created when I manually build the application is deleted when I profile using AQTime.

Am I missing something?

Is there some setting I have to turn on to get "nice" addresses, like MyForm.HandleEvent + 0x215, or module and line number like MyFrm.cpp.154?

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  • Hi Paul,

    You need to make AQtime's Details panel visible. Once you select an item in results, this panel gets populated with the call stack of the corresponding object's allocation. By double-clicking a specific record in the call stack within the Details panel, you will be able to jump to the corresponding code.
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    Hi David,

    The fact that I recognised that the panel was missing made it really obvious that I needed to have it showing.  *HOW* do I show it?
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    Hi Paul,

    Doesn't View | Select Panel | Details work for you?