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12 years ago

My exe file crashes when I start tracing


I am using AQtime So I would be able to generate the execution traces of my application. my application consists of several dll files which are called by my dispatcher .exe file. I add the required dll files as the modules in AQtime and I run my dispatcher outside of AQtime then I attach it using "Attach to process" option, but after 4 seconds the dispatcher crashes.

I have windows xp 32 bit and I installed AQtime 86x version. 

please find attached the event view log file.

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    Hello Salman,

    In addition to Alex's answer, I suggest that your developers analyze the last exceptions in the Event View log. Also, please install the latest version of AQtime.

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    I am using the newest version. but just to try I switched to AQtime5 and again the application crashes and this is the last exception in event view result.

    First chance exception 0xC0000005 ACCESS_VIOLATION occurred at 0x00B2F874, write of address 0x00000000 at 0x00B2F874 (in C:\Program Files\Automated QA\AQtime 5\Bin\aqProf.dll)
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    I followed the Troubleshooter and I ended up with this suggestion

    "Disable the following option:

    Options | Options... | General | General Preferences | Debugging Engine | Use Extended debugger for managed code"

    But there is no rout like this in AQtime! in the option menu I only have "Environment options", "Profiler Options" and "Panel options".

    Just as a reminder, now I am using AQtime5 because my trial version of AQtime pro is finished and I need to make sure AQtime suites my need then go for purchasing it. 
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    Hi Salman,

    The path is correct for AQtime 6 and 7 but most probably was absent in AQtime5 (which is quite outdated).

    My recommendation is to contact SmartBear's Sales and talk with them about extention of your trial period.