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15 years ago

Integration of AQTime 6 into Delphi 2010?

Hello everyone,

My company is using AQTime for profiling our Delphi application for a while now. Some months ago, we switched to Delphi 2010. If I interpret the website of AQTime correctly, there is no possibility to integrate AQTime into the IDE at the moment. Is this correct? Or is there some kind of a workaround to integrate AQTime 6 directly into the IDE?

Thanks for responding.

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  • Hello Thomas,

    You are right, AQtime 6.30 supports the profiling of applications created in Delphi 2010, but does not support the integration into the IDE. We will try to implement the integration feature in the next update of the tool.
  • Hello Martin,

    The AQtime installation program will detect Delphi 2010 on your machine and offer to install the integration feature automatically (just like it is done for BDS 2006 and CodeGear RAD Studio 2007). Please see the "Integration into IDEs" article on our Support Portal.