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13 years ago

Incomplete Results when using Coverage Profiler

I'm profiling a delphi-package with the coverage profiler, full check by lines is activated. My AQtime-project is rather simple:

  • one "package" with source code

  • one "executable", containing unit tests for the package

In the "Setup"-register, I'm able to see all the units / sourcefiles the package is containing. Same is true for the executable. After running the executable (profiling), a coverage report is generated in the "Results"-register. Everything looks good so far, but a detailled look at the result shows that half of the sourcefiles within the package are missing / not listed. The code within the package is definitly covered by the executable. Results of the source files contained in the report are correct.

What could I possibly do wrong?

Version: AQtime 7.30

IDE: Delphi XE

Thanks in advance


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  • Hi Thomas,

    Could you please check whether the problem occurs with the Light Coverage Profiler?

    Also, we would really appreciate it if you sent us a sample application that we could use to reproduce the issue here.

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    Hello Irene,

    Thanks for your quick response. I'll further investigate this and try to set up an example project in middle of november, as I'm out of office for the next three weeks.

    Best regards