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14 years ago

Help with thread profiling results please

Hi there, 

   My app has a debugging thread.  It spends most of if not all of its life suspended.  AQTime reports that the threads main function has a TWC of say 20 seconds on a twenty second profiling run.  Basically the threads main function runs once and suspends itself.  A breakpoint confirms that this thread only executes once.  Can someone please explain why I see the threads main function having a result of 20 seconds.  I guess I was expecting to see a time of basically nothing as it really doesn't execute any code.  The call tree shows no children functions called from the threads main function. 

I am chasing a problem with one of my threads causing the processor to go flat out so am working my way through debugging it...

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    SmartBear Alumni (Retired)

    Hello Ashley,

    Could you please clarify which threads are suspended in your application? I guess that AQtime shows correct results for your application: it reports approximately 20 seconds for the main thread's routine (main), and it should report zero results for your debugging thread's routine. To ensure that the results are correct, you can profile only the debugging thread's routine. Please see the Profiling Multiple Threads article for more information about how to do this. BTW, please check whether the "Thread model" option is set correctly in your project.