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11 years ago

Excluding certain source paths from (Test) code coverage runs

Hi all,

I am using AQTime 8.x (deployed on the continuous integration server) for detecting & improving test coverage for several modules.

So AQTime starts the test application and provides several XML files as output.

One of the XML output files contains a list with source files and the number of lines covered / uncovered. This file contains all unit-test source files as well (available, in my case, under a /test/...*.cpp directory).

So what I would like to achieve is telling AQTime to not include my /test/* files in the analisys, as the goal would be to measure the code coverage of the actual module.

During my quick search through the command line reference, I was unable to find something for achieving this.

Would there maybe still be a way to exclude certain paths using the AQTime command line?

Kind regards


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    Hi Marius,

    AQtime does not support configurations in the terms of, say, Visual Studio. Hovewer, you can create several areas of different types (including and excluding) as well as actions and triggers and enable and disable them accordingly to create a test configuration that you need at the moment.

    The good news are that AQtime (as all other products by SmartBear) is not only a regular program, but also a COM server, which means that all mentioned configuration (including actual profiling session run) can be done programmatically. Read for more details on this.

    P.S. SmartBear's products also have one of the best documentation I've ever seen. So I would recommend to go through it and I am pretty sure that this will be quite a useful reading.
  • Hi Alexei and thank you for your answer!

    As there are quite a few modules out there, running the UI would of course be an option.

    I would deduce from your answer that using the command line won't be an option.

    Although I did not yet performed a diff between the project files (before and after excluding the unwanted file) for noticing the difference, would there maybe be a better / automated way to achieve this configuration? (Maybe changing each project file by adding the specific configuration?)

    Thank you!