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6 years ago

[Delphi] Profiling anonymous method with AQTime Pro

Will AQTime Pro correctly profile and generate statistics on calls to/time spent in anonymous procedures/functions? The code base I am working has a number on constructs such as TParallel.For(..., procedure (index) begin <perform task>; end);


We use RAD Studio 10.1 Berlin and will upgrading to 10.3.1 soon.


Thanks in advance :-)

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    For faster reply to your quite specific question, I would recommend to ask Support directly via the form.

    I also would recommend to provide a more definite description of 'correct profiling' : what have you expected, and what was the actual result, preferably, illustrated with screenshots or project results.

    Additionally, it might help if you provide Support guys with some sample code that illustrates the problem and  can be used as a reference when answering your question.