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12 years ago

Compiled with debug info but AQtime says "No Debug Info"

I am using Delphi XE3 on Windows 7, producing a 32-bit native-code project.

I have decided to try the version of AQtime that was installed with Delphi to identify a performance issue with my project. It is a large project which uses lots of 3rd party components (mostly DevExpress).

I have set all the compiler and linker options to include debug info exactly as per the AQtime user guide. I have also set the Symbols path to my project's Win32\Debug folder. I am not linking with runtime packages. I normally use madExcept for exception handling but I have disabled it for profiling. The debug executable is 34MB.

But, when I include my EXE file in the AQtime project, it gives the "No debug info" error.

If I try with a small test project which just uses standard Delphi components (just a form and a button) then AQtime works as expected.

Is there some limitation in the standard version that I am unaware of?

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