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11 years ago

can AQtime give me the code coverage


im running testcomplete on my application that is written in visual studio 2012 

i would like to know what is the code coverage that was preformed.

my questions are : 

1.can it be done useing AQTime?

2.if it can be done then how do i connect testcomplete, aqtime and visual studio together to get the coverage ?

thank you,


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    SmartBear Alumni (Retired)

    Hi Oded,


    AQtime provides the Coverage Profiler that should help you. Read this article and those related for details.

    As for your second question, please describe your task. You may want to run TestComplete's test by using AQtime's Coverage Profiler. In this case, refer to this TestComplete article to learn how to do this.


  • thanks you Tanya and Alexi,

    ill explain the second question.

    our product is built in visual studio 2012 ( soon to be 2013) 

    we are running our sanity tests through Testcomplete.

    now the thing i would like to have is once i run the my test's through the testcomplete i receive the coverage of the code that has been covered in visual studio - of the product it self  ( or if i give you the pdb files or / dll's of the build of the product and get the coverage in the aqtime tool  )

    thanks again 
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    Hi Oded,

    If I understood you correctly, you like to execute TestComplete tests from within VS build and have tested application code coverage at the same time.

    In order to do this, you need to integrate TestComplete into VS build (as per the article mentioned by me) and set up TestComplete (namely - parameters for your tested application registered as a TestedApp object) so it execute tested application under AQtime's Coverage profiler. How to do this is described in the article mentioned by Tanya.

    Hope, this will help you.