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13 years ago

AQtime Pro 7.4 on Windows Server 2008 R2 (x64)

Hello everyone,

We've been using AQtime for creating coverage reports on our build server for a while (Coverage Profiler, by Lines). Last week we moved to a new server running Windows Server 2008 R2 (x64). The version of AQtime is 7.4.800.64. Further details can be found in the image attached (Version.jpg).

On the new server we're facing a serious problem: every time the profiled code throws an exception, the running application crashes. Further analysis shows, that the exception is somehow no longer handled by the program (see EventLog.jpg). I also figured out, that the problem only occurs when profiling "by
Lines". Working with "by Routines" or "by Classes" seems to be fine, but
we need info on line level.

The problem seems to be connected with the operating system of the server, because on various other machines (Win 7 32bit/64bit, Win Vista 32bit/64bit and Win Xp 32bit) it works as expected.

Any ideas or known bugs?

Kind regards


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    Hi Thomas,

    To help us investigate the problem, please contact our Support Team and send them the following information so that they could reproduce the behavior you describe:

    1. The application you're profiling.

    2. Your AQtime project.


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    Hello Irina,

    Thanks for your response. As suggested by you, I opened a support request.

    Best regards