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12 years ago

AQTime 7 Crash


we have floating point licence of AQTime. While it works great on our

personal computers with Windows 7, but it crashes on our server where

we installed Win Server 2008.

It crashes immediatelly after execution with error message AQTime has

encountered a problem in module jscript9.dll and needs to close.

The same problem is on every computer, where we have Win Server 2008.

What we can do about it?



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    Hi Alex,

    Thanks for reponse. I tried a troubleshooter, but it is useless in this case. Our problem is not in an application, we want to profile. Actually, we can not get to profiling, because AQTime crashes immediatelly after its execution.

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    Hi Peter,


    Even if the Troubleshooter cannot help you solve the problem, it provides you with a list of additional information our Support team needs to investigate the issue. So, please go through the Troubleshooter again, collect all the information it requires and send it to them.