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15 years ago

AQTime 6.30 causes build failures on VS2005

I've seen fairly frequent build failures (e.g. mt.exe fails to update the manifest of the exe being built). I have the exe in question listed in the Modules part of the Setup window.  If I remove it then the build completes. I suspect that AQTime is detecting the completion of the link stage, opening the file to read the debug information and has the file open while mt.exe is attempting to open it for update.

No workaround found yet apart from removing and replacing the file in the modules pane.

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  • Hello David,

    You are right, by default, AQtime reloads debug information for the modules that are listed in the Modules pane automatically. To avoid the failures, you need to disable AQtime's "Auto reload debug information" option. You can configure the option from Visual Studio if you select "Tools | Options..." and then select "AQtime | General | General Preferences" in the Options dialog. To configure the option in AQtime, select "Options | Options... | General | General Preferences".