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13 years ago

Application loading time in "allocation profiler"

I'm profiling 2 different applications using "allocation profiler" in AQTime Pro. Both applications were compiled using CodeGear C++ Builder 2007 and are basically identical expect some small differences. First application loads and profiles OK, but the second one take lots of time to load (tens of minutes) and eventually it hangs and could not be profiled at all. It opens without problems outside the AQTime Pro. Any ideas what could be the problem.



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  • Hi,

    To help us investigate the problem, please follow the steps below:

    1. In AQtime, select the "Options | Options..." main menu command - the Options dialog will appear.

    2. Set the "Profiling Time | Event View | General | Exceptions | Depth shown" setting to 100 and save these changes.

    3. Reproduce the problem.

    4. Right-click somewhere within the Event View panel and select the 'Save All...' item.

    5. Save the panel's contents to an HTML file and send us the file via our Contact Support form.

    I also suggest that you use our AQtime Troubleshooter.

    Thanks in advance.

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    As I've mentioned, my problem is not the exceptions, but rather a extremely slow loading time of this specific project. Another similar project loads OK

  • Hi Slava,

    I understand that the problem is in slow loading of the application. To help you solve the problem, we need additional information. Please save the contents of the Event View panel as I described in my earlier post and send it to us via e-mail.