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7 years ago

Any way to use wildcards (or even regex) to define routines to ignore?

I'd like to ignore all routines in a particular namespace and sometimes all routines in a particular class. Also, I have a situation where I want to ignore all files in a particular subtree (several hundred files).


For the last, I ended up doing 


   du - a | grep cpp > /tmp/foo


and then running that file through a regex editor to massage it into a list of filenames with their complete paths.


Surely there should be a way to write things like




to ignore all routines in a namespace






to ignore all methods in the class foo




**/foo/bar/*.cpp   (.git ignore style :-)


to ignore all C++ files whose full filepath ends with /foo/bar


I couldn't find anything like this in the documentation about Ignore Files and Routines but it seems like a rather obvious piece of workflow


(Edit: The Filter mechanism does seem to have this kind of ability so perhaps it could just be extended to the Ignore files/routines)

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    I think that instead of Ignore you should consider Areas functionality (check AQTime's help for more details about Areas). If I got you right, Areas should better match what you'd like to do.

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      I get Areas but that seems to require more effort to do something that should be very simple. Those GUI filters are a very awkward way to specify something compared to regexes (all those options such as contains, begins with, not begins with, and they're incomplete so it becomes difficult to specify things) Also there are just some general things one wants to ignore for which areas are too fine-grained, which is presumably why there is an "Ignore" section in the first place.