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14 years ago

Allocation Profiler with .bpl-files


we're using AQtime 6.40 to profiling a C++ BDS 2006 application. The application is divided into one exe and several .bpl files. Everything works fine with the performance profiler. But using the allocation profiler we don't get informations on items from the .bpl files. When I put all together in one large exe file I get the wanted informations. But this is no solution because (a) we like to deliver several small files and (b) we get problems on compiling the large file.

Any help?

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    Hello David,

    Thanks for your reply. The .bpl modules are compiled with debug information and added to the Modules list. Everything works fine when I use the performance profiler.

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  • Hello Thomas,

    Please make sure that the RTLnn.BPL module is also added to the Modules list when you select the Allocation profiler. Also, disable the "View project classes only" and "Filter objects by stack" options on the Profiler toolbar to make sure that all object leaks appear in the Objects category of the profiling results.