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isContentEditable property = true in IE11 and false in Chrome

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isContentEditable property = true in IE11 and false in Chrome

When I use the object spy on an entry field in my browser the property isContentEditable is shown as true when I use IE11 but it shows as false when I use Chrome.

Is there a setting in the Chrome browser that I may not have set correctly. The field is editable.

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Have you been through all this setup?

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Yes this was done prior.

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Thank you Marsha!


@kevin_kapell , I see you are working with the Support Team on this.

From what they are saying it looks like the two browsers might be handling this property differently.


Also, they are asking you to give the 'Enabled' property a go instead of 'isContentEditable'.


I'll go ahead and mark this advice as a temporary solution. Do not hesitate to post updates in this thread, thank you!

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