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Windows crashes with Security Update KB4284826 and TestComplete

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Windows crashes with Security Update KB4284826 and TestComplete

Hi all

After updating our System with the Monthly Security Rollup KB4284826 I encounter problems with TestComplete.
TestComplete works with Network set to "Public network".


When I switch to "Work network" Windows reboots immediately (not even a Blue Screen appears).


After some research I found out that it has something to do with the licensing service embedded in TestComplete (Sentinel LDF License Manager). The combination of TestComplete and KB4284826 doesn't work properly.

If I either remove the Windows Update (KB4284826) or TestComplete, the system runs as expected.

I found the following article:

I run TestComplete on a Windows 7 Embedded Standard 32bit box. So it seems that this is a known issue.

Updating the network driver didn't solve the problem.

Uninstalling the Windows Security Updates is no (long term) solution for me.

Are there any updates planned for TestComplete or Sentinel LDK License Manager addressing this issue?



M. Erni

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Thank you for the information and investigation results provided. Hopefully, they will either help somebody or other Community members will update this thread with their experience.

For your case, in order to get faster and official reply, I would recommend to contact Support directly via the form.
I also will appreciate it if you update this thread with the results of your communication.

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IT could, possibly, have something to do with the IP Port that the license server uses.  With Work network or Home network, Windows does a slightly different level of security.  

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SmartBear Support helped me. There's a new Sentinel driver solving the problem.
As a workaround this driver can be installed manually:


-Go to:

-Download “Sentinel HASP/LDK - Command Line Run-time Installer”

-Extract all files

-Open command prompt as an administrator

-Shift+Right-click “hasplms.exe” (or “haspdinst.exe”) and select “Copy as Path”

-Paste the file path into command prompt -Paste the path of the executable and add “-r -kp” as parameters. Run the command.

-Paste the path of the executable again but instead add “-i” as a parameter instead. Run the command.



The updated Sentinel driver will be included in a future version of TestComplete.
Expected release date is August 2018.




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