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What does this error message mean? - "Automation server can't create object"


What does this error message mean? - "Automation server can't create object"

I have a Jscript where I create two different dictionary objects.  Both of these dictionary objects' content is filled by a call to a function that also creates a dictionary object.  The first dictionary object is created and successfully populated by the function.  So right there are two dictionary objects created by the automation server.  The second dictionary object is successfully created but when the function is called to populate it, the creation of the dictionary object in the function fails with the error


"Automation server can't create object Error location: Unit: "ComponentSolutions\ComponentSolutions\Script\CM_ConfigurationManager" Line: 1141 Column: 5.

Automation server can't create object"
While this error message is informative it lacks sufficient detail for me to know what is wrong and how I can fix it.  Any help anyone can give me would be greatly appreciated.
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That error is not coming directly from TestComplete. TestComplete, for languages like JavaScript, JScript, and others, uses scripting engines external of the TestComplete environment to process and execute scripts. So, the error is coming from the engine that TestComplete uses to run JScript which, if my Google searches are correct, appear to be something dealing with Java or a similar engine. Specifically, your workstations security settings are too restrictive to create the necessary objects. While you're not using IE, you should check to make sure that your IE security settings allow "unsafe" ActiveX objects and so forth.

That's my best guess and a good starting point.

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It would help to include your code to figure out why it's happening. 


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