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Validating text/labels/ error messages for desktop application

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Validating text/labels/ error messages for desktop application

Hi ,

I am currently using TestComplete for desktop testing and have few questions regarding the same.
1) In order to verify certain text on my desktop app, Text Recognition does not work since it works only for object controls. Is there any other way to validate texts on my app besides using OCR?

2) When I perform image comparison, I see the image checkpoints fails if the text on the actual image varies with the expected image. Can such checkpoints be used for validating texts on desktop applications?

3) I tried to perform property checkpoint to validate text on the desktop screen but am unable to capture the exact text value which worked while testing web applications.

Any help is appreciated.

Thank you
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1. try to find the certain text in under any Objects Controls, definately you will have the values somewhere in the properties of the object control.

2. Yes image checkpoints can be used to compare the image per pixel so even slight changes can be validated. You can also add some tolerance as well.

3. I need to understand the type of object you want to run the checkpoint, generally we can have wText or Text or Value properties to get the text for the objects , if it is bind to some grid and all we can do that as well using wValue property.


Please provide the object spy properties of the objects you want to compare the text.



I discussed with the Dev team since I was unable to find individual object ids. The result was that our desktop app is not made up of different objects but a single image and hence impossible to detect objects using different kind of properties. The only possible solution was to use image checkpoints for comparison. 


Thank you for yur help 🙂




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