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Unable to access Network drives from TestExecute

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Unable to access Network drives from TestExecute

If I run this code from TestComplete 11 running on my PC:
 Sub EnumerateDrives
   Dim colDrives, oDrive, i
   Set colDrives = aqFileSystem.Drives
   For i = 0 to colDrives.Count - 1
  MsgBox colDrives(i).DriveLetter
 End Sub
It cycles through all the drives appearing under "This PC", local and network drives are listed.


From another PC running TestExecute 11 (Run As Administrator) it only lists the local hard drives and does not "see" any network drives at all, although I do "see" them from "My PC"


I did a quick check and mapped have T: mapped to \\MYPC\Test which has permissions of "Full control" to everyone and this does not help.


Any ideas?


----Added Fix/Workaround--------------

I managed to find a solution that may be of value to others.

It seemed to a windows/domain sharing issue.

On the PC running TestExecute:

  Open a command prompt


The above worked fine.


The original method was:

  Right click "This PC">Map Network drive


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Re: Unable to access Network drives from TestExecute

Hi Jpr347,


Thanks for lettings us know your solution!


Tanya Yatskovskaya
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Re: Unable to access Network drives from TestExecute

In the end it turned out to be the security settings on the remote folder, but I'm still mystified why "NET USE" worked and Windows "Map network drive" did not.

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