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Trouble Using text recognition on flexgrid by componentone


Trouble Using text recognition on flexgrid by componentone

I have been struggling for a few days now trying to figure out how to get testcomplete to recognize a control correctly. This control is called flexgrid by componentone . It looks like a regular treeview. 


I know TC has support for many custom controls, but none of them are component one's flexgrid. So it seems I had two options:

1. Map the custom class to a standard class - I tried following the procedures for that and it did not work.

2. Use TC text recognition - This should work because its just a simple tree view control with the same text that appears every time.


I am using the link above to try and enable text rcognition for the control. The directions say to add the class name of the control - how do I find the class name of the control? I assume this is not the full name such as Alias.something.somethingelse. 


Has anyone had any success using text recognition or worked with componentone flex grid? 


I found the wnd class name and now I added that class name to the accepted object recognition. I created a keyword test where I open the app and click on the control. I then converted this to a script test and changed the click(20,10) to TextObject("TextImsearchingfor").Click() to model the documentation sample. 


After running this script I get a runtime error "AttriibuteError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'Click'

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