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Testing Delphi app without relying on Debug Build

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Testing Delphi app without relying on Debug Build

Just want to know if there’s a way to run our automated scripts without relying on the debug version of our app written in Delphi.

We’re aware that some of the debug attributes are not accessible under a normal build.


We are trying to automatically run our scripts every time there’s a build in Trunk and Production, but builds under these repos are not in debug mode.


Thank you for your ideas. 


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The easy answer to your question is: yes, you can run your automated scripts without needing a debug version.  But that comes with a caveat... if you develop your tests on a debug version, you MAY be using public, private and/or protected properties of objects.  If you then try to run those tests on a non-debug version, they will fail because they will be dependant upon those properties.


Recommendation: If you want to be able to run your tests on a non-debug version, you need to develop your tests against a non-debug version to avoide these potential problems.

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hi @automateable


we never use debug info in our tests (delphi apps), even if test construction is less simplier.

we have to deal with this constraint, because a test made upon apps that comes with the debug info file or compiled with debug info may behave differently than your production and trunk release.



This may depend on the specific of your given application, but in my experience we had a release and debug builds of the application and substituted release version installed by installer with its complimentary debug one on the test machine. No problem was encountered during several years.

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