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TestComplete does not find an object in the requested time.


TestComplete does not find an object in the requested time.


I use keyword testing for desktop application. I add a basic view of program and field that i have troubled with. In each test I use a checkpoint on an alert which stays on screen only 10 seconds. Normally testcomplete find this checkpointfield 3-4 seconds, but in some tests alert screen time becomes greater than 10 seconds, ~11-15 secs.

So, when alert gone, my test fails.

We use automation ids for checkpoint objects. Checkpointfield has an automation id but alert has not.(developers say they couldn't give the alert an automation id), Then I arranged the name mapping area from


  Main Program







  Main Program

     Checkpointfield (has automation id, extended find property is true)

     Source_WindowHostWindow (extended find property is false)

         WindowHostWindow  (extended find property is false)

             Alert  (extended find property is true)

When  Checkpointfield is under the Alert, testcomplete couldn't find the  "WindowHostWindow". Or warns Source_WindowHostWindow's to change a property. I changed it but a few tests later it fails because testcomplete warns Source_WindowHostWindow's to replace with the previous one. That is why i drag and drop Checkpointfield under Main program. As I said above, this time testcomplete could take 10 seconds to find the Checkpointfield.

If I move the mouse over alert, it will stay on the screen as long as the mouse is on it. But how could I do it in keyword test? Or any suggestions?

I'm looking forward to your answers,

Thank you very much.

Testcomplete version:14.20


PS: Sorry if there is any grammer error.

SmartBear Alumni (Retired)

Thank you for posting your question.

Let's see if the Community has suggestions regarding your issue.



@anupamchampati @BenoitB @tristaanogre @Wamboo 

Any ideas?🙂

Sonya Mihaljova
Community and Education Specialist

SmartBear Alumni (Retired)

Hi @handanu ! Are you still experiencing this?


This could be fixed by returning the NameMapping tree to the initial state. If you can do this, this is something you should try. So, your first goal would be fixing the issue with WindowHostWindow and Source_WindowHostWindow not being recognized. This article can be of help -


Also, please check the NameMapping properties. If dynamic properties are used, consider Wildcards:


When this is fixed, TestComplete should be able to recognize to alarm faster.

Sonya Mihaljova
Community and Education Specialist

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