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TestComplete 9.3: Does it support kendoUI ?

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TestComplete 9.3: Does it support kendoUI ?

I just want to get a verification here on the support of kendoUI.

I was trying to automate a winform page using kendoui within for a table.

I can perform stuff for the main window itself, but I can only read values

from the kendoui table.  I cannot perform an actions - select, expand, etc.


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Hi James,


According to the "Supported Controls" article, TestComplete doesn't officially support Kendo UI controls. You can vote for them on our survey page.


I used to try using TestComplete with ASP.NET's Kendo UI - I was able to record tests without issues. Unfortunately, I cannot say anything about the controls for .NET 😞


Tanya Yatskovskaya
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Hummmm, there are multiple issues with this question and the reply from SmartBear 🙂

First of all, What does KendoUI has to do with WinForms?  I am guessing James you meant WebForms.

KendoUI is a JavaScript based library to decorate HTML5 based elements in web based applications.

So I ask Tanya, what do you mean "Not Supported"? there is really nothing to support.  If TestComplete does not support HTML and JavaScript, that means TestComplete does not support the Web, which is really bad and confusing message to send to anyone reading this forum and of course is INCORRECT.

KendoUI is 100% supported in TestComplete.  We use KendoUI on 11 of our projects for customers worldwide and we use TestComplete to test KendoUI grids, scheduler, charts, etc...  It is all HTML and JavaScript folks 🙂

Based on your answer here one of our potential customers questioned what we told them that we will be able to test KendoUI based apps in TestComplete and that is problamatic.


-Lino Tadros, MVP

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Falafel Software Inc.

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Lino - thanks for your ardent positive response!

James - we support a lot of jQuery that KendoUI is based on, and while there are subtleties on what specifically you can and cannot do with JS-based controls in TC, there are probably ways to do what you want, given what Lino says about HTML5 and JS support in TestComplete, which is, of course, true.

Is it a specific KendoUI control that you have difficulty with?

We'd probably want you to file a support request for this issue (from Help | Contact Support menu of TestComplete) so that we can track it properly.

I presume, you are using TestComplete 9.3 and not an earlier version?
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Tanya, Lino, and Sergei,

Thanks for the replies to my issue.

I am using TestComplete 9.3

What I am dealing with is a windows app that opens a browser window

using a kendoUI grid.  I can record fine, but play back fails.

Here, after a day of playing with this window, I opened this email thread.

I did see on the "Supported Controls" the possibility of kendoUI not being supported

and I wanted clarification.

Digging into this more, I decided - let's open this URL in a fresh IE browser window.

It opened just like in the original window, except my test recording/scripts do work on


I would agree with Lino, the kendoUI is supported and recognized by TestComplete.

I think the "Supported Controls" webpage need to be updated here if SmartBear Dev

can confirm the same findings and what controls are supported and that should be listed.

Back to this issue, so I do not think this is a TestComplete issue.

Something is different between the browser window opened through the app vs.opening the URL in a IE browser window. JavaScript issue ? old code that creates/runs the browser window?

I am going to follow this concern up with the app dev. group and see about correcting. 

I do not want to open a separate IE window to test an app's web browser window...

BUT this is the work-around for now until corrected.

Thanks again for your replies.



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In addition to the previous answers, most if not all controls for .NET that are not directly supported in TestComplete are easily addressable through MSAA. If you run across something that just doesn't look right in TestComplete, try adding the class (WndClass property value of the object) to the list of MSAA-handled classes in the MSAA options on the project property page.

As for integrated web browsers, the .Net WebBrowser control has a tendency to do weird things when plugins are involved from my experience. You can try setting the WebBrowser object's .RegisterAsBrowser property to True in the application, I have seen this do a difference in the past in some cases.
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I happens to see this thread and feel curious that is test complete something similar to a WinForms UI test control? I know kendoUI, but I am quite new in this field.
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