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TestComplete 14 - QApplication children have become inaccessible and invisible in the object browser

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TestComplete 14 - QApplication children have become inaccessible and invisible in the object browser

Hi all,


 I am trying to automate Testing in Xilinx ISE 14.5i, but I've run into this issue where the children of the application which I had previously been able to access through the object browser/spy have become completely inaccessible past a depth of 2 in the browser. TestComplete seems to think that they are just no longer there. 


Pictured below is the expected object browser for Xilinx ISE14.5i



And pictured here is the object browser I am experiencing.

Screenshot 2021-02-02 123346.png


Note in picture below that TestComplete sees the ChildCount for the main window as 0 now.

Screenshot 2021-02-02 123920.png


I started experiencing this issue between test runs and attempted to re-install both ISE 14.5i and TestComplete 14 to resolve the issues as well as attempting the steps in the QApplication troubleshooting guide for TestComplete to no avail. I also tried installing both on my laptop and am experiencing the same issue. I am getting to the end of my rope with this issue and have been working with support to uncover what's happening but haven't managed to make any progress. I figured someone here may have experienced a similar issue with TestComplete 14 not being able to see the children of a QApplication and could maybe shed some light on the problem.




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I see a difference, on the "no"t working example, you have an empty ise so it's normal you don't have children.

For me, no error, you should test in same data condition.

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Regardless of what project is open in ISE the window behaves the same. Yes I should have provided an example with same exact data conditions but I didn't. Even so, an empty ISE project still has parts of the window that should be interactable. For example there is no child for the top ribbon menu even while the window is able to be interacted with.

you're right.
i don't know qapplication.
If you record a script tovuse it, it's not working ? Qapplication is an heavy client ?

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When I record a script interacting with the window all actions are just recorded as pixel coordinate clicks or keystrokes on the "MainFrame" window. Obviously test that rely on pixel coordinates on a single window will not work so I've got to figure this out somehow.

mainframe, is it a client-server app ?

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No it is an entirely local application. I believe the "mainframe" name just refers to the object as the main window of the application. It's a confusing naming scheme. Also to clarify the application I am having as issue with is Xilinx ISE 14.5i which is built using a Qt framework. I don't think I made that clear above.

ok, i think you need some mapping on openapps settings of TC to access the child elements. Perhaps also check TC documentation about which version of qt is supported

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