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Test Execution on different machines

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Test Execution on different machines

Can we install Test Execution on different machines (such as windows 10, windows 7-32 / 64 bit) and run them sequentially? We have a fixed license, does this affect its operation?


just curious, would you mind elaborating the use case behind running tests sequentially across multiple different machines?

Usually I get the direct opposite of this question ("can we run tests in parallel across different machines?")

But in order to do so (off the top of my head) you would need an orchestration tool (some CI framework),

create multiple pipelines designated for the different sets of test cases you'd like to run on each of those separate machines (probably tag based pipelines to specify the remote execution location?), then trigger downstream pipelines in the sequence that you'd like.

As for the licenses... I want to say that you'd probably need floating licenses as is the case for CI executions, since the user executing the tests are usually triggered through an agent. And floating licenses make things more flexible in general.

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The big thing missing in Smartbear is the Borland way of licensing (install multiple but use at one time on one place, like a book who can be shared but only one person can read it at a time).

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Thank you for involving, everyone!


@mrvszn We recommend addressing questions about licensing directly to Support! Thank you.

Sonya Mihaljova
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