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Setting and working with object variables in keyword tests


Setting and working with object variables in keyword tests

Hi guys,


I am having some trouble with setting object variables to on screen objects and then working with them. 

First - why do I need to do this? For various reasons I am in a situation where the Name Mapping already exists and I am not free to add new mappings to it. This causes a situation where all the objects that are mapped (~75% of objects I interact with) can be accessed via NameMapping, however for everything else I need to find the desired object and then interact with it.


Finding the object and setting a variable of type Object to it is easy, but from there on everything is really hard because there is no autocomplete (properties, fields and methods are not available on the object) and validation of keyword steps entered fails continuously. I can't use "On-Screen Action", "Call Object Method", etc. so all I am left with is "Run Code Snippet".


I tried looking for articles/forum posts about working with unmapped objects but didn't really find anything relevant.


Any ideas/suggestions?



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